Seriously change your life in 12 weeks 
With ongoing support for a year
NOW is the time to make that change and impact the world you live in a positive way, and break the cycle of abuse for good. 
Empowering you to live an emotionally healthy, authentic, happy, successful and fulfilling life
Please prepare the answers to the following questions ready for your call with Louise Borthwick
1) What is your our biggest out-take from this video?

2) In one sentence, what is your life's purpose?

 3) What is the biggest thing holding you back from achieving your purpose?
Hello and welcome to The Empowerment Programme

It is my life's purpose to help people to overcome and break the cycles of abuse, to empower people to overcome the long-term damage abusive experiences cause throughout a lifetime.
Abuse is a life experience NOT a life sentence 
I have been working in the coaching world since 2013 and have a degree in Social Psychology, Education and Society (BA Hons). During that time I have worked with over 1000 people and helped them become FREE of abuse. I understand the problems that people, just like you are facing.

Here are the No.1 problems that may be impacting your life right now :

- Struggling to maintain relationships with partners, family, children, friends and feeling isolated.
- A string of dysfunctional and toxic relationships, domestic abuse experiences and you are scared to meet another partner or keep the one you have got.
- The isolation and loneliness because you are afraid to expose the awful truth of your life. 
- The struggle of pride and shame amongst friends and colleagues, the feeling of being different to everyone else.  
- The cost of the cover up - purchases that make you feel better and the false life you present to the world.
- The struggle to find just one therapist that actually understands you and gives you a practical guide rather than trawling over the story. 

The solution is ... Step by step tools to implement change - Your fears are valid and your worries realistic, but there is an answer, it's time to take action. You have all the tools and more inside you already, all you have to do is access them and utilise them differently. Put all your learning's into practice and commit to changing your life for good.
Have you ever wondered why affirmations don't work, don't completely change you? It's because you haven't changed your deep rooted beliefs about the words. For example: if you say an affirmation like 'I am confident' but you believe you are insecure, what is going to go on in your mind? Answer - conflict, an argument in your mind about what you believe and what you want to believe. 
The solution is:
Stop talking about it and just DO IT! 

Let's establish our relationship with an individual workshop call, where I can give you more information about the Empowerment programme and find out more about you and what your goals are right now.

During this call I will be working with you to create a 12 month plan 

IMPORTANT: This is a FREE Workshop Coaching Call in which I will work with you to build a 12 month plan for your life-changes.

Because of my belief and the success of The Empowerment Programme, your investment is safe with my ''break the cycle or your money back guarantee''. 
If after following the Empowerment programme you have not significantly changed your life I will give you every penny of your investment back.
I only invite 40% of people who I have this conversation with to consider joining my programme. I will only invite you to do so if I know that I can help you (I will not waste your time or your money if I can't).
I pride myself with being inclusive and I also value every client as if they were my only one, and tailor payment plans to suit every budget.

So, fear not... my goal is to give you as much value as I possibly can, whether we end up working together or not. 

To prepare yourself for this call please watch the video above and complete the homework.

I am seriously looking forward to our conversation, I can't wait to help you to live your authentic life's purpose and become free of abuse for good.

Louise Borthwick
Why am I doing this?
My vision and purpose is to empower 10,000 people and their families to break the cycle of abuse, to live Emotionally healthy, authentic, happy, successful and fulfilling lives. To prevent the abusive cycles being passed onto our children, our future generation.
It starts with you

I offer these individual workshop calls with me, because I passionately care about people who day after day, year after year, live with a history of abuse and feel stuck. Who want to do what ever it takes to become free of the ongoing cycles that play out in their lives, and to transform the lives of their families and the lives of others

The problem is that no matter what people try in terms of therapy, it rarely has long-term affects and people soon go back to old habits.. People try so hard to change and stop the past from affecting their lives, but sometimes it all feels too overwhelming and is put on the back burner, out of sight, out of mind. But the trouble is it manifests in behaviours and Mental and Emotional health issues, that affect relationships at home, at work, with family members and with friends; this stops people from living the most amazing life they are meant to be living. 

I've been able to help hundreds of people to clear suppressed abusive experiences, just like you, to immediately apply simple and proven strategies, and go from struggling each day/week/year, to living free of abuse for good, to live emotionally healthy, authentic, happy, successful and fulfilling lives.
Here are a few more testimonials from clients 

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